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How to use the link shortener to get website visits

October 27, 2023
7 mins read

Our URL shortener provides you with five different tools for promoting your website, product, service, or social media accounts to get leads, sales, and traffic while directing visitors to their final destination.


Frame Redirection

When you want to promote a website, such as an affiliate page, you can use frame redirection. It will display a bar at the top with site information, an advertisement slot, and buttons to share or close the frame.

Note that some websites do not work with this method because of a security rule that forces browsers to hinder iframes.

How to create the frame.

Visit your dashboard, copy the destination website, and paste it into the shortener field. Click on Redirect to expand the menu and choose frame.

Splash Redirection

The splash page is an intermediate page that provides a preview of the page to which the user is about to be redirected. It acts as a form of protection, giving the user time to react and decide whether or not to proceed.

How to create the Splash.

Visit your dashboard, copy the destination website, and paste it into the shortener field. Click on Redirect to expand the menu and choose Splash.


Custom Splash Redirection

A premium feature that allows customers to create their own promotional page and associate it with a short link is the custom splash redirect. A user who navigates through the custom splash page will briefly see a promotional page before being redirected.

How to create a custom splash.

Visit your dashboard, select Custom Splash from the left menu, and then click Create. Fill out the form, including a counter, Name, Link, and other options...When you're finished, click Create. Return to your dashboard and copy the external website and paste it into the URL shortener field. Select the custom splash you just created by clicking the redirect field to drop down the menu.

CTA Overlay Redirection

The overlay feature is a useful tool for using dynamic lead widgets. It operates on the same principles as the frame method, but without the use of a top bar. Instead, it inserts some interesting widgets such as a popup message, a contact form, and a poll.

Learn more about creating a customized CTA PopUp.


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