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A short link is a powerful marketing tool that every marketer needs. It is not just a link but a medium between customers and their destinations. A short link allows you to collect plenty of analysis and data about your customers and their behaviors.

Mål interesserte brukere. Kraftige verktøy som fungerer

Med vårt produkt kan brukerne dine bedre forstå deres oppførsel og gi dem en bedre samlet opplevelse gjennom smart re-målretting. Vi gir deg mange kraftige verktøy for å nå dem bedre.

Kontroller alt og alt. it's 99.9% Free

With our premium membership that's $3, you will have complete control on your links. This means you can change the destination anytime you want. Add, change or remove any filters, anytime.

16 Facts about our URL Shortener


Target your users based on their location, device, language.This tool is perfect for sites that have multiple languages or sites like amazon that has multiple stores in different countries, or you just want to target specific devices such as smart phones and desktop. uses similar service for their affiliates.Learn how to setup onelink for amazon

Fast shortening tools

integrate our shortener with your wordpress site or App, Add our Web extension tool or get the full script for fast shorteing any page you will be viewing.Learn how to add our URL extension on your browser for fast shortening with one click.

Trackable Links

Track every link statistics (Referrer, Country, Clicks, Language, Device, Country, Browser.

Bulk Shortener

shorten up to 10 links at once.

QR Codes and Social sharing

A QR Code will be automatically generated when you shorten your links, everytime you shorten a link, a Pop-Up screen will appear having the option to download your link as QR code in png, pdf, or SVG formats, and it will also include social icons to easily share it on your channels.

Unlimited Links,clicks, Data retention.

Shorten unlimited number of links, and clicks. Data retention is also forever, which means that you can track your links' data for a lifetime. All the plans come with an Unlimited URL Shortener so that you can choose the cheapest.

Egendefinert domene

with our premium plans, you will be able to Connect your own domain and brand every link.Learn how to connect your domain.

Redirection Tool

Redirect your visitors to splash pages, custom splash pages, Frame or to CTA overlays

Målrettede piksler

Add targeting pixels from websites such as Google and Facebook.

Limit access

Assign a password to limit the access to your links. Only people who have the password can chekc your URL.

Egendefinerte aliaser

Add a uniqe name to your links so that you can easily identify them.

Expiring Links

Set an expiration date for your links. Links will only be accessible during this date.


Add meta title and description tags.

Targeting tools

Target specific devices or languages or location.

infinite Data Retention

Data of your links will be kept forever, that means you can check their statistics any time.

Deep Linking

Our short link is smart and it will automatically chose the best option for the visitor.

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