Link in bio landing pages

Let your followers Land on a page that will act as your resume. A page that icludes all the details about you. Visitors can easily navigate to external websites, make a purchase or donation, contact you, subscribe to your mailing list, and many more easy to setup tasks.

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The new standard
Online Resume.

Create beautiful profiles and add content like Text, Descriptions, job title and your work experience and more to represent who you really are to clients all over the world.

The new standard
Embed Videos and posts.

Embed all types of videos and posts from your social media channels ( YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You will only need to copy and paste your video or post link.

The new standard
Embed Buttons.

Embed all sort of buttons, payment buttons such as PayPal or buttons with external links, or even whatsapp call buttons. With only one click, you can create any link you want.

Contact & Subscription Forms.

Create a contact form so that your customers can contact you or a subscription form to collect emails, and then you can easily collect your leads from you dashboard.

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Embed Music Tracks.

Embed any music track from the biggest media streaming platforms such as apple music, Spotify, and soundcloud. copy the music link, paste it and you will be done

The new standard
Get verified.

get your account verified so that you protect your privacy on the internet.

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