Secure File Hosting service with branded download page

Host your individual files securely and track downloads and pageviews. Easily share with colleagues, friends, and family. All hosted files will automatically be encrypted with a unique key, and users too can encrypt their files by assigning a password.

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More hosting options than you ask for

No extension limitation

Host all types of files.

Files Download Page

A branded download page for every file.

Tracking Pixels

Add tracking pixels for deep tracking.

Unlimited file hosting

Host unlimted files.

Trackable files

Track all your files statistics.

Limit access

Protect your hosted files with password.

Custom Domain

host your files with your own domain.

Add name & Description

Add a unique name and description for your files.

Easy File Hosting.

Upload your files securely and share them with your family & friends or collegues. Manage & customize file's parameters whenever you want. Don't want to anyone to download it anymore? No problem!

Upload. Share. Track.

Trackable files.

files are fully trackable and you can find out exactly how many people have visited your download page or downloaded your files and you can get even deeper to know (Clicks, Countries, Platforms, Browsers, Languages, Referrers.

All file types are accepted.

Host all types of files. Note: kindly contact us if you can not upload certain file extensions, and we will enable the file extension name for you.

Branded Download Page.

A branded download page will automatically be created for every file seperately. You can customize how your page looks by adding logo, title, and colors.

More Privacy.

You can limit access to the file download page for more privacy and control. Add a password to restrict access, only those who have the password can see the file.

Tracking Pixels.

Create a tracking pixel from sites like Facebook, and Google, Add it to your page to get more insights on your file performance.

Unlimited File Hosting.

Choose the plan that fits your need, but if you need more space, you can subscribe to the enterprise plan ($20/M) that comes with everything unlimited.

Custom Domain.

Connect your own domain to host files.

file Meta Tags.

Add name and description to you files so that visitors know what they are going to download.