Showrtner services promotions

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Send unlimited SMS messages with the URL Shortener

SMS via Twilio connects effortlessly with Premium URL Shortener and allows...

URL Shortener

learn how to add your own domains to shorten links

owrtner allows you to use your own domain for shortening your URLWhy should you shorten your URL using your own domain?We offer this service which allows you to shorten any URL with custom...

URL Shortener

direct your traffic into specific Pages based on their locations. ( Geo-Targeting )

what is Geo-Targeting?Geo-targeting is when a search engine identifies the user's location via their IP address, WIFI, or GPS data, and serves up content that is specific to that location.Why...

QR Codes

Create trackable QR Codes

showrtner makes it easy for you to create trackable QR Codes. 1- Create an account for free and log into your dashaboard 2- from the left side list clcik QR Codes....

what are CTA Overlays?!.

What is a CTA overlay? We will be using a technique called " CTA"  or overlay pages. An overlay page allows you to display a small non-intrusive overlay on the destination...