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Send SMS messages with shortened and trackable links to multiple phone numbers from your desktop using Twilio.

March 30, 2023
3 mins read

SMS messages are a great tool for successful marketing.

Showrtner allows you to send as many SMS messages as you want from your dashboard.

Why us?

1- We will help you send messages instantly, as it removes the hassle of registering with an SMS service provider.

2- All links in the message will be automatically shortened so that you can track them.

How to get started?

1- Upgrade your account if you are a free user. 

2- Visit your dashboard. 

3- From the left list click SMS and then Send SMS

4- Type in the phone number that you want to send messages to, starting with the country code. 

Note: you can upload multiple phone numbers.

5- Type in the message and then click send and you are done. 

Visit YouTube to learn more


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