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Marketing splash page

November 07, 2023
5 mins read
Marketing splash page

What is a custom splash page?

A splash page is a page that appears before the destination landing page. You can use a splash page to promote a new offer, display a disclaimer, or demand visitors to validate information.

Splash Pages and Digital Marketing

Splash pages are one of the most effective ways of digital marketing to generate leads, sales, and subscriptions while sharing your links.

Add a personalized splash page to any link.

You can use showrtner to create splash pages and connect them to any URL you shorten.

What elements make up a marketing splash page?

A marketing splash page has text, a background banner image, and, most importantly, a button to an external site.

A marketing splash page design includes the following options:

  1. Banner background image.
  2. Avatar or logo.
  3. Timer to display the splash page for a few seconds before showing the destination website.
  4. Text.
  5. Button to an external website, product, promo, payment, and more.
splash pages examples

How to make a marketing splash page?

Visit your dashboard, select Custom Splash from the left menu, and then click Create. Fill out the form, including a counter, Name, Link, image, banner, avatar, logo, and other options...When you're finished, click Create. Return to your dashboard copy the external website and paste it into the URL shortener field. Select the custom splash you just created by clicking the redirect field to drop down the menu.

How to create a splash page with showrtner

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