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Why you need a URL shortener for your social media

December 11, 2023
7 mins read
Why you need a URL shortener for your social media

Short URLs provide several benefits that can significantly improve your online presence, user experience, and overall success.


You should shorten your links before placing them in your social media posts for these reasons:

1- SEO friendly 

2- Look better

3- Highly trusted

4- Fit in your social media posts

5- They are trackable

6- Customizable


SEO Friendly

Shorter URLs rank higher in search results and provide a better user experience because they are easier to type.


Look better

They can hide the unnecessary jargon of a long URL, making it more visually appealing and easier to remember, and can be customized with your domains for branding purposes.


Highly trusted

Short links boost user trust and facilitate site growth. When your link is branded with your domain it becomes easy for your followers or customers to click on them.


Best for Social Media

Short URLs are easier to share on social media platforms and can help save valuable characters in situations where space is limited.

short links are best for social media posts



Short URLs can be tracked and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of a campaign. learn how to check your link statistics



They are easily modifiable and redirected as needed.

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